The Ultimate Quora Marketing Guide

By | June 25, 2015 is a young, but fast-growing question-and-answer site. A platform full of experts who are  prepared to help you with any question you have. Some people come here to find answers, others are trying to market their brand by helping them. If they can do, why shouldn’t you? Quora could be a wonderful place to market your own product or business. It has a very friendly and very helpful community clean of spammers and trolls. If used properly, Quora might be a good addition to your business marketing campaign.


What exactly is Quora?

Quora is a question-and-answer website built as a social media platform. It was founded in 2009 by two former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. They noticed that Q&A websites are still not perfect and there was a lot of space for improvements. So, they decided to create their own platform. Soon in 2011, Quora was already counting more than 500.000 registered users. And, these numbers are raising steadily year after year.

Unlike other Q&A communities, Quora is proud to state that more than 90% of all registered users in this platform are active people. Which means that this community is totally spam-free. In Quora, people will never create anything that is not important to them. Like most question-and-answer websites, Quora has a voting system where insightful answers are upvoted and spammy messages downvoted and quickly removed by administrators. That’s why this social network must be used wisely, otherwise, the hard-working administrators will kick you out immediately.

Here are top features of this social network:

  • Asking questions. This is probably the most obvious one. The website is built on this feature. Everyone has questions to ask or problems to solve. And, Quora is one of the best places for that. Thousands of people are online all the time and everyone is following certain topics. Because of that, your questions might be answered right away. The speed and quality of answers is the reason what helps Quora stand out from other Q&A websites.
  • Answering questions. If you are building your brand, then this feature is your main target. There’s no better way to stand out from the crowd then by helping other people. Provide solutions to their problems and they will start following you. That way you will grow your fan base and earn more credits which later could be used for promoting your own content.
  • Creating blogs and posts. If you want to strengthen your authority even more, you can start your own blog on Quora. If there is a special topic you want to cover or you see some questions repeating again and again, then an insightful post is just what you’re looking for.
  • Messaging. There might be situations when you will have to talk with someone privately. Like most social networks, Quora provides this feature as well.
  • Upvoting/Downvoting. This feature is common on most question-and-answer sites. So, Quora is no exception to that. This feature helps quickly filter good content from bad ones. All spam posts, answers that are not on the topic or incorrect and purely written are soon downvoted and later removed by administrators. It helps keep the content clean and high quality.
  • Credits. Quora has a credit system which means that if you provide interesting content, you earn credits. Later, those credits could be used to create your own questions or promote your content.


Why should you use Quora?

OK, so now you know what Quora is and what features it offers. But you still wonder how could it be useful to your business? Let me point out some benefits of Quora marketing:

  1. You can get exposure to over million active users every month
  2. You have an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in certain topics
  3. It could be a part of your customer service. Many popular brands find questions related to their business or product. By participating in Quora, you can give direct answers to these questions. quora-customer-service
  4. You can share the content from your own website if it helps answer the question
  5. If you have a problem to solve, this is one of the best places to receive a quick answer from experts in your industry
  6. It could help you generate new content ideas for your blog
  7. Quora is loved by Google. We all know that SEO is all about high quality content, user engagement and reputable information. And, Quora meets all those requirements, which is the reason why this Q&A website is ranked so high. There is a great chance that your answer might be included in one of those top spots on Google search.
  8. Quora can bring new leads and conversions


Creating a profile

Because of Quora’s strict control of self-promotion and spamming, you need to exploit every given opportunity to expose yourself.
The first thing you should do after registering, is connect your Quora profile with social media accounts. This could be done in the “Settings” section.


Next thing you should do is fill the description and bio in your profile section.  Your bio is especially important because the first 50 characters (including your name) are shown on every answer next to your profile picture.


Make sure you use those words to describe yourself very wisely. Tell people who you are and mention your brand as close to the beginning as possible.
Important! Quora gives you an opportunity to add topic-specific bios. Whenever you write an answer in particular topic, exactly that specific description will be shown. This could be done on your profile page in the right column in the “Knows about” section.


You will see “Describe your experience” links next to each topic. Click on it and you will be able to add a topic-specific bio. This feature is especially useful when you are answering some questions as a product/business owner and some just as an expert of a certain niche.
Also, don’t forget to leave a well-written description about yourself. Provide information about your interests and personal life. Point to the topics you are specializing most. The more information you provide, the better you will look in front of reader’s eyes.


Following topics

This action consists of two parts. The first one is following topics you are interested in. By doing it, you will show people what is your expertise and at the same time you will be able to track all the latest questions related to these topics.  This process usually begins just after you sign-up to Quora. After the registration, you will be automatically taken to this action. Also, it could be done through your profile in “Knows about” section. Just enter a keyword of your topic and it will prompt all available results. Visit that topic and you will find a “Follow” button.


The list of interests provides two very important advantages:

  1. It is a part of your personal information. When people visit your profile, they see what is your expertise and what answers they can expect from you
  2. When you follow a particular topic, any question and answer tagged to that topic will appear in your feed

The second part of this process is tracking your own brand feed. Many brands have their own topics on Quora because people have lots of questions about them and their products. You can look for you brand the same way you search for any other topic. If there is one, it will be shown like this:


If your brand topic is not on Quora, then create one. Just enter your company or product name and press “Create Topic”:


After your topic is created, add a logo and description.


Remember that every topic could be customized by any user, so keep an eye from time to time.
To make you brand visible in Quora, invite people to review your new page. If it is already discussed, then try to answer to all related questions. It can become a part of your customer service.


Building your presence

Once your account is set up and ready, it’s time to start actively participating in this community. In order to get exposure for your brand, people must notice your existence on Quora first. Participating in this community should become a routine for you like with any other marketing technique. Set a time limit how much you should spend each day and stick to the schedule. Check the feed of your interests regularly to see if something new is happening and get involved.

Following and upvoting. Your upvotes and follows appear in users’ notifications section, so every time you do one of these actions there is a good chance they will follow you back. It is an important part of Quora marketing. When you are going through each question and reading answers, don’t ignore high quality posts. One of your goals is to build relationships with other experts. Upvote answers if you think it provides value to the topic. Visit author’s profile to get to know him better. If you find that person interesting, follow him.

Create your own questions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are looking for answers it doesn’t necessarily mean you lack expertise in you niche. It means you are looking for different opinions. Make sure you questions are interesting and unique. A good question might quickly develop into long discussion which would be a huge benefit for you. If for some reason you are not getting answers, you can use the “Ask to Answer” system. It allows to ask specific Quora members to answer your question. Usually, the suggested users are top participants in your topic.

Show your expertise by answering questions. This is the most important part your Quora marketing strategy. By answering questions in your niche you are building an authority. When people notice you have a lot of knowledge on certain topics, they will start following and communicating with you.

Read through your topics feed and look for questions where you can provide specifically deep insights. Don’t make your long texts look boring. Quora allows adding images and links to your posts. So, make a good use of them.

Your main focus should be topics that are covered on your personal website. This is a golden opportunity to direct readers to your website. Do not copy the answer text directly from your blog. Write a new text in your own words and leave a link to the original article at the end of the answer for those who want to read more. This way your post won’t look spammy and people who are really interested will visit your website. And, if the question gets indexed by Google you can expect even more traffic to your website.

By the way, if you feel that your answers might be interesting to your own community, you can always auto-share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress and Tumblr.


Quora for generating new content ideas

Having hard time finding new topics to write about? Quora could be a perfect place for generating new ideas. All you need to do is find questions in your niche that has many followers looking for the answer.


As you can see, there are thousands of people that want answers to a certain question. Do some keyword research and you will find many ideas that could transform into great articles for your blog.
Also, if you lack information for your article you can always use Quora to gather some interesting  material to improve your blog post. Just use the same technique to search if your topic has already been discussed on Quora. If yes, read through each post and collect the information that could be used.


Analyze your stats

Quora provides free analytics tool to analyze your content.


It will help you decide what kind of questions or answers work best on this community. It will provide you insights to help concentrate on the most effective topics that attracts the most attention. Don’t ignore this feature because it will make your life so much easier.


Tracking your competitors

I have already talked about keeping an eye on everything that’s happening on Quora related to your business. The same strategy should be adopted about your competitors as well. Follow all topics related to your competitors.
This will help you investigate more what actions they are taking at the moment. Also, you will be able to find out customers point of view about your competitors and their products. Avoid jumping into these kinds of discussions offering your own product or service. You might look too over-promotional.


Some advice to improve your Quora marketing

Finally, after reading this article you should be familiar with Quora and how you can adapt it to your business marketing strategy. It might take some time to master it, but these fundamentals will help you get there much faster. As for the final part I would like to list some extra tips which will allow you to benefit from Quora more effectively:

  • Do not self-promote. The purpose of Quora marketing is to help other people. By doing that you get noticed. You build relationship with other community members hoping that everything will develop into business relations. If you start talking only about yourself, soon you will get ignored by other members or even banned from this question-and-answer site by administrators.
  • Visuals could be your secret weapon. Quora allows to add images to your answers. A good picture or a diagram related to the topic will improve the visibility significantly. Also, the first picture in a post always appears as a thumbnail beside text preview.
  • Ask the right question.  Not only good answers get attention on Quora. A unique and interesting questions attract similar popularity as well. Your main goal is to formulate a question that has not been asked yet. A question that would contribute a lot to this community.
  • React quickly. Being the first one to answer a question is a huge advantage. First of all, you are sure that you will not repeat someone else’s ideas. And secondly, if more then one answer have the same amount of upvotes, the older one always stays closer to the top.
  • Do not over-promote. Make sure you are not too promotional. Your main objective is to add value to the community. If you see an opportunity to talk about your product, then do it. But you need to be 100% sure that a person who asked a question will benefit from that.
  • Back up your answers with true facts. If you are providing some statistics or other facts, make sure you link it to the source. That way you will avoid unnecessary doubts about your expertise.