My Twitter Automation Experiment. Part 5: 120th Day

By | December 27, 2015

This is the fifth article from the series about my Twitter automation experiment. Like I mentioned in my previous blog posts, I am starting an experiment to see if it is possible to grow a Twitter account by spending no more than 30 minutes a day and get a good quality of traffic to my blog. Every 30 days I will be writing reports about the results I achieved and conclusions made about this experiment.
This is the fifth part of the series. If you haven’t read the previous part, it can be found here:

It was another good month so far. As you will see later, everything is still growing steadily. Maybe it would be even better if not of Holidays, but still, I am satisfied with what was reached this month. I made some changes during this period. Finally, I decided to post my tweets with visuals. But only those that are linked to my personal blog. I have already noticed some jumps in the traffic from Twitter timeline. I am planning to add even more visuals next month to see if effects the engagement even more


What I managed to achieve?


As you can see the follower list is growing quite steadily every month. I managed to reach 4168 followers by this day. It is 1140 people during the 30 day period and 110 followers more than last month. This means that it was another great month with even better results then the previous one.


All the main interests of my audience are keeping top position for the fourth month in a row. It means that I am targeting the right people who should be interested in my content.


I am glad that the percentage of my audience from US and UK are keeping steady. They consist more than half of my audience. Also, more and more European countries are joining my list, which is very pleasant to me.



In my previous update I mentioned that I had some problems with my hosting service which stopped all my Twitter automation process and I had some impact to the results. Luckily, everything went smoothly this time and I had no problems. My daily impression number rose to 2400 per day which is 300 more than previous month.

However, I had some decrease in link clicks from 126 visits last month to 108 visits in this period. The CTR decreased from 0,19% to 0,15%.


Traffic and conversions

Unfortunately, the traffic has decreased a little bit this month. I only received 102 visits to my blog. But what keeps me positive is the increase of visits from Twitter users’ timeline. With lower bounce rate, increased session time and even a couple of e-book downloads.

All this increase is connected to the visuals I added this month. As I mention at the beginning, I  improved my tweets that link to my blog with picture in order to make them more visible. And, these improvements affected the traffic from Twitter timeline right away.

Also, I removed one of the direct messages I was sending because after two months it was obvious that it has almost no effect to the traffic. So, I left only first and third messages for sending auto DMs.



This period passed as I expected. It was a bit better than last month, but results are very similar. Nothing more could be expected as of Holidays period. Everyone has more interesting things to do than spend their time on Twitter.
Finally, new year is starting in a few days. It will be interesting to see what it brings to my experiment. Everyone will be back to their usual working rhythm. No more distractions.

Also, I would like to wish everyone happy New Years. See you in 2016 🙂


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