My Twitter Automation Experiment. Part 3: 60th Day

By | October 27, 2015

This is the third article from the series about my Twitter automation experiment. Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I am starting an experiment to see if it is possible to grow a Twitter account by spending no more than 30 minutes a day and get a good quality of traffic to my blog. Every 30 days I will be writing an article about the results I achieved and conclusions made about this experiment.

This is a third part of the series. If you haven’t read the previous part, it can be found here:

Well, the second month wasn’t so successful as I expected. It was even a little bit worse than the first month. However, the growth was quite steady and without any significant jumps. It seems that we need some time until everything starts growing a bit faster.

Unfortunately, I did not reach my goals I set last month. But I am keeping my mind positive. Let’s not forget that it is just the beginning of an experiment and everything I do is for the first time. So, sometimes it could be hard to predict what results we can expect.
I am certain that after couple more month we will have a much better view about this experiment and benefits it could provide to my business.


What I managed to achieve?


As I mentioned before, the growth was a bit slower than the first month. In this period the follower list has grown up to 1998 people. It is only 980 followers during the period and 38 people less than last month. But the chart is rising steadily without any significant jumps or falls.


I am happy that the percentage of relevant followers is growing. It is important for me that more marketing and business related people would follow. Also, I am positive that SEO related followers would be interested in my content as well.


Luckily, more people from Canada started following me and all the top 3 places are taken by most important countries to me. Everything else is quite similar to the last month except that France has taken Brazil’s spot, which is also a good sign. European traffic is also very important to me.




The only goal I was very close to reach was average number of impressions per day. I managed increase the reach from 1200 up to 2300 impressions a day. It is almost twice more than last month. However, the increase of impressions had no impact to link clicks. This period I received even less clicks than last month and the CTR decreased to 0,13% (compared to last month 0,25%).
Even though the engagement rate decreased almost by half, the number of retweets and replies have almost doubled.


Traffic and conversions


I was disappointed by the decrease of traffic to my website at first. But when I started looking deeper into the statistics I noticed that everything is not so bad. First of all, I received the same amount of sign ups from less traffic. This means that my conversion rate increased from 11,5% to 15,15%. This is a very good sign which means that people are interested in what I offer.
Also, there are two stats that especially delighted me. It’s the decrease of bounce rate and a rise of average session time spent by people that came from my Twitter timeline. This is a very important stat. It shows that people are actually getting more interested in my blog. And, even reading what I write.


Auto DM split testing

This month I decided to start testing different type of direct messages to see which one works best. Probably I will try three different variations with different goals. I really hope that it will help improve the results from direct messages.

I still need to develop a plan how I want to approach this test. So, I will be writing about it more in my next article.


My conclusions and goals

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the results are a bit disappointing. It is not growing as fast as I was expecting. Probably my expectations were a bit over the top. So, this time I will be setting my goals a bit more realistic. Here is my list of tasks I need to achieve in the next period:

  • Reach at least 4000 followers
  • Increase impressions to 4000 per day
  • Attract at least 300 visitors to my blog during the next 30 day period
  • Start auto DM split test

Let’s hope this time I will manage to reach all my goals.

Best of luck to us all!

If you have any questions or suggestions fell free to contact me. It is always a pleasure to hear different opinions.


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