My Twitter Automation Experiment. Part 2: 30th Day

By | October 11, 2015

This is the second article from the series about my Twitter automation experiment. Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I am starting an experiment to see if it is possible to grow a Twitter account by spending no more than 30 minutes a day and get a good quality of traffic to my blog. Every 30 days I will be writing an article with the results I reached and conclusions made about this experiment.

This is a second part of the series. If you haven’t read the previous part, it can be found here:

The first 30 days of the experiment was quite boring and there’s nothing strange. I started from zero and I had to build some strong groundings at the beginning. Luckily, after slow first two weeks things started to get better. Followers started to grow faster, my tweets received more impressions and the engagement rate began growing.


What I managed to achieve?


1 -followers

Well, first of all I managed to grow my Twitter follower list from 0 to 1018. As you see the number of followers was growing steadily all period without any significant deviations. If you read my previous article about preparation for this experiment, you know that it is very important to target relevant people when using all the methods I mentioned. From the first 30 days I can say that I manage do that quite well.


As you see, the biggest part of my followers are interested in topics closely related to my niche. And it is a good sign, which means that I am on the right path.


Also, I am very pleased that I managed to attract followers from the most important countries in my niche. Four of my preferred countries are in the top 5 list of followers.



During the period my tweets received an average of 1200 impressions a day totally. This means 50 impressions per tweet. Not bad for starters, but definitely a place to improve.


Also, so far I am receiving only 3 link clicks a day which means that my CTR is only 0,25%. This a very low number, but I am positive that it will increase soon when the number of followers will reach a couple of thousands.
People are already reacting to my tweets and that is a good sign. They are retweeting, replying and favoriting them. I am expecting these engagement numbers to triple during the next 30 day period.


Traffic and conversions

This is probably the most important and the most interesting part of the experiment. So how many followers transformed into visitors to my blog?


So far in this 30 day period I received 140 visitors from the experimental Twitter account. And, most of the traffic came exactly from automated direct messages which offered my free guide. Also, 15.38% of the visitors converted and decided to download my guide.
However, only one visitor converted from the traffic which was lead through Twitter timeline.
It seems that so far direct message are working more effectively than Twitter timeline. Auto DM’s have a lower bounce rate by 14%. Visitors spent more time on my blog and they convert much better. It is still just the beginning, but the first impression is that auto direct messages might be a very effective strategy in Twitter marketing.


My conclusions and goals

It is hard to make any conclusions after the first month. The account is growing, people are reacting and visiting my blog. But still it is impossible to know if they will become loyal readers. I still need a few months before I could make any real assumptions.
However, I’ve already made some expectations for the next 30 days and I am positive that we might see a much clearer view by next month. So, here’s what my expectations and goals are:

  • Reach at least 3000 followers. Yes, it is twice as more as the first month, but I see that more and more people are interacting so I expect more shares and impressions
  • Reach an average daily impressions of 3000
  • Attract at least 500 visitors to my blog during the second 30 day period

The expectations look realistic and reachable. Let’s hope I will be able to enjoy even better results.

Best of luck to us all!

If you have any questions or suggestions fell free to contact me. It is always a pleasure to hear different opinions.


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