Make Your Twitter Profile Perfect!

By | November 17, 2015

What’s so special about Twitter profiles you might ask? Why should I care about it so much? People are following my business only because of my excellent tweets you might say. And, yes. You are right… For the most part. But wait a minute. Haven’t you heard that a perfect marketing campaign consist of small things done right? If we are trying to develop a successful brand shouldn’t we look professionally on every possible channel? Everything is in details. And, a creative eye-catching Twitter profile should definitely be a part of it.
Moreover, many people didn’t notice, but every twitter account receives a decent amount of profile visits every month. Even my personal account with only 2000 followers receives almost 400 visits per month. Another Twitter accounts I develop receive two or three times more. And, I am not even talking about bigger brands.
Twitter profile is a great place to show the audience who you are, what you do and what you have to offer. So put some effort to make it look really professional.


Make yourself easy to remember

Your @username is a direct link to you profile. Make sure you username is relevant to your business and easy to remember. Avoid using any numbers or random letter (unless it is your brand’s name). Better choose a memorable short word.
When people are sharing your content or want to thank you for something they use the username in order to mention you on their tweet. Do not complicate this process for them.


Make yourself recognizable

You probably have heard this thousands of times, but I will repeat it for you one more time: use the same image on every channel you are participating on. If you are a company, then you should definitely use your logo. If it is a personal brand, then pick your best photo from the album. And, use it everywhere!


How should I call you?

It doesn’t matter if you are participating as company or a person, use your real name all the time. Do not confuse people by using different names or nicknames (unless you are better known by your nickname than by real name). But in most cases it is better to stay professional and use your first and last names.
If you are a large company and have separate departments in different regions you can extend the name with additional words. For example, if you are branding for different countries you can add a country’s name next your company’s title. You can see that Starbucks has done a great job branding for different audiences.


Just don’t make it too complicated and make sure that your targeted audience recognizes you easily.


Tell me about yourself

Oh yes, Twitter bio is a place where you have to put all your life achievements in 160 characters. How should you do that? Tell your audience only what they need to know. Tell them who you are and what you do. Make sure that when a person reads your bio he knows exactly who you are and what he can expect from you. Here’s a few tips to make you bio excellent:

  • Focus the bio on your business. Let people know what your business does
  • Avoid grammar and spelling errors
  • Avoid using words about yourself like “guru” or “expert”.
  • Use relevant hashtags in you bio
  • If you are working for a company mention it. And, include a  @Twitter username to link to your workplace.
  • If it is a business account, you can include your company’s mission or values in the bio.

Make sure that you bio is not just a place of random words separated by a comma or a dash. Better write a short and memorable text describing yourself.
Also, sometimes it might be appropriate to add some sentimental words to make yourself more human. You can include your passions and interests. Maybe leave some short joke. But be careful to not overstep.


Where are you located?

If it is a personal profile, then sometimes it is OK to hide your location. But if it is a company, then location information is a must! Just imagine that you are a local bakery and a person that has never heard about you visits your profile. He wants to know if you are located somewhere near him, but there is no information about that. How frustrating is that?


Make it easy to contact you

You are using Twitter to promote yourself, make sure that everyone can easily contact you. If you have a blog or a website, then provide its url. If you don’t, then provide your email address or Linkedin link. Something that could allow people to easily get in touch with you.


Strengthen you brand with visuals

Cover photos could be a powerful tool for your brand. With little creativity you can make miracles. With a well-developed image you can show people who you are, what you do and what you have to offer. Here’s some tips how cover photos could be used:

  • To showcase your products


  • To inform about latest promotions


  • To provide images that inspire people


  • To inform about upcoming events



Choose which type of visuals best suits your brand. To make it even more appealing, be sure to follow these simple, but very important rules:

  • Avoid using too many words. Twitter is used on different devices. If a person opens your Twitter profile with a smartphone, the image will be shrunk and it might be very hard to read what’s written.
  • Keep your images simple. Don’t over-stuff them with useless content. Make it minimalistic and show what really matters
  • Use call to actions
  • Update consistently. Don’t stick with one image. Update your images to reflect what is happening in your business at the moment.
  • Promote a #hashtag. If you have a hashtag related to your business, don’t be afraid to include it to your images as well.
  • Include customers. It could be a person using your product, a quote or review about your product. These things make your brand look more human.


Pin your best content

Twitter allows you to pin one tweets on your profile. Find your best and most popular content and pin it. This way when a person visits you profile, he sees what he can expect from you in the future.


And make your profile human friendly

You now read all the tips and advice to make your Twitter profile as perfect as possible. But there is one last advice that is the most important of all. Make your Twitter account look like human! If you make your audience believe and feel that they are interacting with a real person, not some kind of a bot, your results will increase significantly. So, try showing what you really are and stop pretending what you are not!