Hi, My Name Is Mindaugas Bagdonas And I Am A Marketing Addict

By | January 4, 2015

I would like to begin with one of my most-loved quote that is likely well-known to every one of you: “Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master” (Philip Kotler).

Hello, my name is Mindaugas Bagdonas and welcome to my blog of endless learning.

Who Am I?

I am from a small country called Lithuania, situated in Central Europe. From the nation where basketball is a second religion and local girls are the most beautiful on the planet. But let’s stick to the topic and leave this story for the next time.

I was born and grew up in a small city. Like most children I hated school and could not understand why I should learn all those strange things every day. I wasn’t one of those today’s successful individuals who demonstrated their entrepreneurial skills since childhood making their own money or creating growing businesses. I was a simple child who only cared about sports, friends and having great time. I was very lazy at school, I hated doing homework, yet soon realized I was very good at maths. Most of the school program was like a walk in a park for me. Where majority of classmates spent hours learning maths at home it was just enough for me what I learned during lessons to understand everything. Moreover, math was one of those rare subjects I truly enjoyed. So because of that, I decided I want to be an economist.

After graduating school, I began my Bachelor of Economics at the university. During 4 years at the university I had several courses of business management and marketing. After those courses, I started digging deeper into marketing and then I realized that this is my real passion. Not economics. So, after finishing my bachelor, with no doubt I opted to study my Master’s degree in Marketing and Commerce and follow my passion further. From that moment I finally understood that my life will always be related to marketing and especially to digital marketing.

Right after the university I was lucky and got an offer to work as marketing specialist at a small, but rapidly growing local company. It was specializing in selling and manufacturing educational toys for kids. The company was still young and in the early stages of its development. So, I had an opportunity to grow as a specialist together with the company. Now, the company has grown into a large business. It is a leader in the country, has few divisions in other countries and exports goods to many more. What’s more, I am the Chief Marketing Officer here now.

My Interests?

One of the most important activities in my life that I cannot live without is sports. It gave me so much through years. I learned to be disciplined, motivated and confident when reaching my goals. There’s nothing better than a good long evening run. It energizes you for the rest of day a hundred times better than a coffee or any other energy drink. If you haven’t tried it yet, trust me – you should. And, yes – tennis. The sport of all sports. Endurance, speed and brains – that’s what you need to be a good player.

Programming. Oh, this is my secret hobby. I love solving puzzles, creating algorithms and doing everything by myself. In the last couple of years I realized that being a marketer and having the ability to program makes your life so much easier. You can quickly create simple applications that help you process loads of data the way you want. No need to attach to any third-party programs.

And, finally my third passion is … Yes, you guessed right – Marketing. Probably no need to say something more.

Why Blogging?

The thought of beginning my own blog was floating around for many many years. Since university I wanted to write something by my own. However, did not have enough knowledge to start. I always felt a need to share my new discoveries and gained experience with others. So, day after day I was preparing for this moment. Gaining experience and learning from people that are already in this business much longer than me. And, now I believe I am ready to share my experience and help learning for people who are the same I was 5 or 10 years ago.

What will you find?

As, you probably guessed from my domain name all this blog will be committed to Marketing. If to be more precise, I am going to write about digital marketing. The purpose of this blog is to help improve your business results through social media, email marketing and Google Adwords. I will provide valuable information and insights about digital marketing and new techniques learned. I like doing experiments, test new tools, so it will be a pleasure to share my insights with you. I hope this blog will be an inspiration for young marketers to follow their dreams and the path to success for business owners.

Hope you will be enjoying my blog. If you managed to read all this long text until the end and you liked it, I welcome to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin for even more insights. Furthermore, if you don’t want to miss any of my posts, please, subscribe for the newsletter.