13 Ways To Engage With Your Facebook Fans

By | October 18, 2015

Facebook is the largest social network in the world. And, no wonder that most companies are investing time and money into this platform to build a strong relationship with their customers. However, since it was created, social media marketing evolved a lot and simple methods are not working anymore on Facebook. People are tired of seeing promotional-only messages from brands. They want entertainment, they want to be loved and they want to be involved. Only when you make each customer feel important, he will become your loyal follower and customer.
You always hear and read that your Facebook page should be as little promotional as possible. But how can you achieve that? What kind of content should you post on your Facebook page?
That’s what I will be trying to help you with in this article. I decided to put together my favorite types of content you can use to engage with your audience. I am positive that every business will find something they can successfully use in their Facebook marketing campaigns.


1. Share articles from your company’s blog

If you have a blog, then you definitely have to share your posts with Facebook fans. Maybe it will not bring you the engagement you want, but it will definitely drive some traffic to your website. And, if your articles will help people solve their problems, they will be reading your blog more and more often. Make sure that your blog posts are not over-promotional. Incorporate them into your Facebook marketing plan, posting links together with other forms of content.


2. Share news and trends of your industry

Most of your audience probably are not following or doesn’t have time to follow what is happening in your industry. Be the one who keeps them up-to-date. Become a trusted source and share some unique and interesting news, researches or trends about your industry.


3. Share your own thoughts and insights

Sharing industry news is good, but if you want more engagement, then you need to share your own thoughts. If people are following you, then they are probably more willing to listen to what you have to say rather than others. Share your own experience and insights from the industry. Make yourself unique and interesting to read and the audience will start trusting you even more.


4. Teach your audience how to do something

People love “how-to” type of posts. Create a tutorial or a step-by-step guide how to do something and you will see how your audience will start to grow faster and faster. If you have enough resources, then you should definitely try to create video tutorials. People like when they can see in action how everything is done. Not just read about it.


5. Answer questions

If you are into business for some time, then you should be receiving lots of different questions through social network channels, emails or blog comments. If yes, then transform it into content for your Facebook fans. Take a question that is repeating constantly, write an answer and share it with your Facebook audience. If people are asking then probably there are more people that would like to hear an answer to this question.


6. Inspire people

People are crazy about inspiring posts. They tend to like, comment and even share them with friends. There are many forms of inspirational posts:

  • quotes from famous people
  • quotes from books
  • short poems
  • stories of successful people
  • videos of people doing inspiring things


7. Organize a contest

People love getting freebies. Many brands are organizing contests regularly. These kinds of activities will boost the engagement from your followers. Just make sure that it is simple, does not require much effort and the reward is worth it. It could be as simple as liking the post. Also you can ask to comment under the post. Or you can even make a selfie contest. As long as it does not require much time and effort to participate you’re OK to go. To make it even more engaging, you can make a public voting after the contest ends. A message or a picture that receives most likes wins.


8. Use humor

If you can make a person laugh, he will definitely reward you for that. People tend to share posts that lift their mood more often. Try to find jokes, funny pictures or videos related to your niche. Share it once or twice a week and your business page will become more attractive.
However, you need to be careful and not overdo it. Don’t make your fanpage a comedy page.


9. Use videos

Facebook videos are experiencing a huge growth recently. A well-created video post could get couple of times more shares than any other type of Facebook content. You don’t need to have a professional camera or a whole team to shoot a video. It could be easily done even with your smartphone as long as you are able to provide something worth watching. Your videos should evoke some kind of emotion. It could be laugh, inspiration, sympathy or even compassion. Anything that would make your audience want to watch and share it with friends.


10. Use content submitted by your fans

Are you out of ideas what kind of visuals should you post next? Don’t worry. Your fans are never out of ideas. Share photos or videos created by your fans which are related to your business. Food, fashion industries and travel agencies have adopted this strategy to their marketing campaigns very well. The strategy is especially effective because both sides are winning from it: you get amazing content and your fans feel special because you shared their content.


11. Ask questions

This is probably one of the simplest ways to engage with your audience. People love talking, you just give them a chance! It could be just a simple question requiring to answer Yes or No like:

  • Do you like orange juice?
  • Do you think Cleveland Cavaliers will win tonight?

Or you can give an opportunity to choose the answer from a list:

  • Do you prefer pop music or rock music?
  • If you had to choose one country you could visit from these three: Japan, Thailand, Brazil. Which one will it be?

Or you can try asking more thought-provoking questions like:

  • What is your favorite method for staying fresh during long working hours?
  • What do you think which movie is going to get most Oscars this year and why?

It all depends on your audience. You should experiment with different complexity of questions to see which one driver more engagement.


12. Hold a question and answer session

This method is very popular among personal brands. Experts of certain niche are organizing these kinds of sessions regularly and answer their fans questions live on Facebook. It could be done by answering questions in the comment section after your Facebook post. Or you can make a video session where you answer all Facebook questions live on camera while streaming on a different platform. Later this video session could be shared on Facebook again so that fans who could not follow live would have a chance to see.


13. Share exclusive discounts and promotions

I already mentioned before, that in order to be successful on Facebook you need to look as little promotional as possible. But when you post promotional content on your timeline, at least make sure it is going to be attractive for your followers.
One great way to do that is by announcing about discounts or promotions. Or even exclusive promotions only for Facebook fans. People are always more willing to buy when they see value. A XX% discount or ‘buy 1 and get 1 for free’ promotion should definitely provide value for your customers.
This is my list of types of content you can share on Facebook to make your page more engaging. All you need to do is pick the ones that are best suited to your business. Incorporate them into you usual Facebook marketing and you will see how effective it can be.

And don’t forget to use visuals every time you post something on Facebook. It will increase your content visibility significantly.

What kind of content are you using on Facebook?